Demetria Jade

Meet Demetria Jade

Sign: Leo

Aspiration: 5 Star Celebrity

Job: Stylist

Hobbies: Painting, Schmoozing, partying, fashion, makeovers, flirting, and hanging out with Tobias

Family: Tobias Jade (Siberian Husky) 

Traits: Flirty, Star Quality, Night Owl, Artistic, Party Animal

Meet Amelia Jenson
Traits: Good sense of humor, green thumb, equestrian, loves the outdoors, and is a vegetarian

Meet Amelia Jenson

Traits: Good sense of humor, green thumb, equestrian, loves the outdoors, and is a vegetarian


This blog supports marriage equality 


This blog supports marriage equality 

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I haven’t posted much about the Ibanez family..been so busy..just turned on the game since a while ago…and Moriah, Second Gen passed today at 102 yrs old </3..I loved her sooo much…I will miss her, she looked Just Like Joan :’/


Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past couple weeks, just been busy with my bf and his bday, also been doin spiritual stuffs and reading..I will be back tho!


After a few moments of kissing, Matthew pulled away..shocked, no one had ever dared do that before…he was flattered, and when he looked at her..a fire lit up in his eyes…burning desire seethed through his being. Was she the one?


'Oh those sweet lips' she thought as she spoke to him, a couple hours had gone by, the diner had been closed for over an hour, but they just couldn't step away..they kept drinking one another in. And then..to both of their surprise she leaned in and kissed him..passion pulsing through her veins as she sunk deeply into him…soul colliding..he was an amazing kisser


EA, where should I send my resume? 


EA, where should I send my resume? 

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Xelena left her apartment that night, she couldn’t stand the silence…the solemn loneliness that spread across her like wildfire. She went to a nearby diner..little did she realize, her celebrity crush would be feeling the same that evening. As she saw him outside the diner, she gulped down the butterflies in her stomach..her heart pounding, and walked straight up to Matthew Hamming,”Hello” she said, he snuffed her at first..assuming she was a crazed fan of some sort, but once she began speaking her mind, he couldn’t help but look at her…her perfect figure, soft sweet face, pale skin, and a mind to match..this girl was..gorgeous.  


But when she arrived home that evening, and all was quiet..a lonesomeness washed over her..she looked over at Savannah, fast asleep in her bed…a smile cracked upon her face…but still…something was..missing. ‘But What?’


Xelena’s bar appearances seem to have paid off, she has scored a few gigs, keeping her occupied and happy as she enjoyed a flicker of the lime light.


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I am giving away 2 Digital Copies of The Sims 3 Master Suite Stuff to celebrate 700 followers. Here are the rules:

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